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Virtualization and Cloud: Part 2

In my last post Part 1 of Virtualization and Cloud, I mentioned about Microsoft Cloud computing strategy and how strongly we are committed to this new area of computing and how Microsoft Virtualization can help a great deal in setting up a private cloud. Today, I’ll talk about Microsoft’s Offerings in the Public Cloud, we’ll… Read more

Virtualization and Cloud: Part 1

Aren’t we hearing this word a lot these days? In almost all the technical conversation, Technical journals and magazines, Technical conferences,.. whole world talking about Cloud. Though there are large number of Companies, group and individuals talking about Cloud, everybody has their own understanding and interpretation of Cloud. So what is Cloud Computing?? Okay, very… Read more

What is Windows Azure?

Whenever I speak to partners and customers about new Microsoft cloud platform, I always get a question “ What is Windows Azure?” and how it can help their business. I take more than 10 minutes to make them understand about Microsoft cloud strategy and all about Windows Azure. Now this 4 mins video save all… Read more

Partner Academy: Positioning and Selling Microsoft VDI

As a part of Partner Academy, following session is being hosted by Product group for Microsoft partners who are involved in selling and building Microsoft VDI Solutions. Any discussion around the future of the desktop includes a discussion on virtualization. Usually, customers want to start the conversation with VDI, before they discuss other desktop virtualization… Read more

Hyper V Live Migration Network Configuration Guide: Now Available

                 If you are following my blog, couple of weeks before i posted a blog post on Live Migration Network configuration. Now its time to learn the official way to configure the Live Migration network. Microsoft has just released Hyper-V: Live Migration Network Configuration Guide. This guide describes how to configure your network to… Read more

Microsoft VDI with Citrix XenDesktop : Virtual Lab Now Available

  Microsoft® VDI        Microsoft has just released Virtual Lab for Implementing Citrix XenDesktop 4 on Hyper V R2. This lab is intended for IT Professionals who would like to deliver virtual desktop computers using Microsoft Hyper-V Server, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager and Citrix XenDesktop. Users will work through the steps to… Read more

Free Microsoft Ebooks: Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Virtualization R2, Office 2010

We all have seen the great series of products coming out from Microsoft this year, For all you knowledge thirsty out there, who are eager to learn new technologies like Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solution and office 2010 and if you haven’t seen them already here are some of the E… Read more

Windows Phone 7 Series Announced

        Hello Friends,   Yes its time to raise the curtains from much awaited, much rumoured, most anticipated next version of Windows Phone. Today, at Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona, Microsoft Announced Windows Phone 7 and demonstrated the new Mobile Platform. Watch Video on Demand Windows Phone 7 is build to… Read more

RDS Hardware Sizing and Capacity Planning Guidance.

  We always felt the need of Hardware capacity guidance and sizing information for Terminal Services or Remote Desktop services for Server 2008 R2, Whenever I am engaged in any architectural guidance discussion for RDS deployment i always get a question what needs to be taken into consideration while deciding the hardware configuration and to… Read more

I am Microsoft

May be I don’t say enough.. I just love this company, its culture, Diverse people.. I am just amazed to see the passion each one of us has for our customers and building products that change the world.. I am Microsoft and a proud one.. 🙂… Read more