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Change in licensing for Windows Server 2008 related to CALs and Virtualization.

A lot has been said and written about Microsoft Licensing policy related to CALs required to access non Windows Server 2008 VMs on Microsoft Server 2008 Server Hyper – V. Problem Scenario If you move your physical Windows Server 2003 Operating System Environments (OSE) to run as virtual machines hosted by Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V, … Read more

RDS Hardware Sizing and Capacity Planning Guidance.

  We always felt the need of Hardware capacity guidance and sizing information for Terminal Services or Remote Desktop services for Server 2008 R2, Whenever I am engaged in any architectural guidance discussion for RDS deployment i always get a question what needs to be taken into consideration while deciding the hardware configuration and to… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization: Hyper V Live Migration Network configuration.

Its quite hectic these days in Virtualization world as i am actively involved in planning Practice Accelerator for Virtualization. In addition to that I’ve been engaged in lots of Virtualization opportunities and whenever i speak to customers and partners, I tend to get lot of questions about setting up preferred network for Live Migration on… Read more

Windows 7 Beta: You Said it.. We heard it.

       Yeah.. i know its been a long time i blogged.. I am not keeping well these days.. with a really busy schedule.. Actually not keeping pace with the changes in life and weather in Bangalore. So thats me..So how’ve u been?? Today i am posting a really exciting news.. Microsoft’s Windows 7 Team… Read more

Microsoft Management Summit 2012 : Las Vegas, Here I Come, Again!

This is the time of the year when anybody who works on Microsoft Virtualization and System Center technologies gets excited about Microsoft Management Summit which happens every year where thousands of IT PROs joins to share knowledge, exchange ideas, indulge in networking and get to do some deep dive technical learning on new technologies and… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization: MED-V

Microsoft provides Virtualization Solutions from Desktop to Datacenter, Virtualization doesn’t only means Server Consolidation or Server Virtualization, Today, I am going to discuss about Microsoft Virtualization Solution in Desktop Space. MED–V or Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization. So Ifti, what is MED-V and why it is required?? When you want to upgrade to a new OS,… Read more

Free Microsoft Ebooks: Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Virtualization R2, Office 2010

We all have seen the great series of products coming out from Microsoft this year, For all you knowledge thirsty out there, who are eager to learn new technologies like Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Virtualization R2 Solution and office 2010 and if you haven’t seen them already here are some of the E… Read more

I am Microsoft

May be I don’t say enough.. I just love this company, its culture, Diverse people.. I am just amazed to see the passion each one of us has for our customers and building products that change the world.. I am Microsoft and a proud one.. 🙂… Read more

Its VACATION TIME baby..!!!

Its finally the time of year when you need a break to recharge yourself.. Yes.. Its vacation time for me, I ll be on a vacation for next two weeks starting this Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I’ll fly to my home city New Delhi and will spend quality time with my Family and hangout with… Read more

What’s new with SP1 for VMM 2008 R2

This article is cross posted from my post on PTS Official Blog   As you all know that SP1 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 just gone RTM adding two new virtualization capabilities: Dynamic Memory and RemoteFX Let’s first understand these capabilities in details. Dynamic Memory: An enhancement to Hyper-V R2, Dynamic Memory… Read more