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Microsoft Bing! : Search Redefined



Today, Microsoft announced a new avatar of its search engine – Bing. I’ve been playing around with Bing since morning, and what I liked is that it’s not just a search engine, but designed to help make decisions.

In fact we are making a paradigm shift and calling it a ‘Decision Engine’ because of the way It empowers people to gain insight and knowledge from the Web, moving more quickly to making the important decisions.

Its pretty cool! The new snazzy design will have a beautiful daily image on the homepage which will have hotspots embedded in it to let you explore the picture in detail


Try the Best Match feature that makes finding relevant information, by putting up front information like customer service numbers for retail sites, the ability to track a package right from the search page, deep links to common pages within the site and much more.

It also has this cool explorer pane on the left that lets me easily get to related searches, past searches, news on the topic etc. It even has a quick tabs feature that anticipates my intent when searching. For example, when I’m searching for a favorite musician, it filters results by albums, biography, videos and images….amazing!

Check out the Video and image search – it has these handy filtering tools that let me sort by size, color, style and much much more. In fact, when I search for videos, it even gives me a preview, when I simply hover over one!

Bing launches globally on 3rd June and some of the features will roll out in India in the coming months. You must check it out at  Check out this Tour Video to know what BING is all about..

So Stop Searching… START BINGING… !!!! Releasing June 4th on a PC near you..