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Desktop Virtualization with MED-V: Now a reality.


I know its been long that i posted anything on my blog, Its been quite hectic and busy these days with no time to breathe.

With this economic situation where company is trying to save dollars, they are looking up to Virtualization to cut down their total cost of ownership still increasing business continuity. And as you know i work in Virtualization Space, there is no end of work for me these days, Meetings, conference calls with Partners and customers, Technical Presentations and Demonstration, Proof of Concepts, Designing and delivering solutions… Phew !!!

But i am loving it.. It feels so great to help customers save cost. and that’s Microsoft’s motto… We help you save Money!!

How ??  See how virtualization can save you money.

So Ifti.. whats new in Virtualization World??

Well, quite a lot actually, If you have read my post on Microsoft MED-V, It was in Beta at that time, MED-V is now available to customers with the new version of MS Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) for customers with Software Assurance.

MED-V enables you to upgrade to latest Desktop operating system even though your line of business application is not yet compatible with new operating system. With MED-V you can create a Virtualized Environment for your legacy applications on the top of your new latest operating system with all the enhancements and features.

MED-V builds on top of Microsoft Virtual PC to run two operating systems on one device, adding virtual image delivery, policy-based provisioning and centralized management.

So now you can gain all the great enhancements and features of Windows 7 on your desktop, still using your legacy applications which is only compatible with Windows XP.

Isn’t that COOL ???.. Yeah.. I hear you..

 MDOP subscribers can download new MDOP 2009 from Microsoft Volume Licensing Site (MVLS).

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Stay Tuned..