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System Center Virtual Machine Manager and VMware Management


I have come across a great blog post by Rakesh from Microsoft SCVMM Group thrashing VMware claims that Microsoft System Center Provides Incomplete VMware Infrastructure Support.

Some of the points discussed on his post.

  1. Why Does SCVMM remove templates from my ESX server when I import them?
  2. When I create a VM with SCVMM 2008, how come the default settings through the wizard don’t work with ESX or Virtual Server?
  3. Does SCVMM 2008 give me visibility into resource pools?
  4. Does SCVMM prevent migrations that Virtual Center would allow?
  5. Can I reuse port groups that I created in ESX?
  6. It looks like Virtual Center gives me more monitoring information than System Center, is that true?

I think this is a great post and make things pretty clear for the customers to understand the capabilities Microsoft provides and the value they get when they invest in Microsoft. This is the time to get multifold returns on each dollar you spend. As a customer its your right and you deserve it.

Please read the full post on his blog here.

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