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Here it Comes: Internet Explorer 8 Live NOW


IE 8 now ready to take your Internet browsing to a new level.

Much awaited Microsoft Internet Explorer is now released and available for download.

I have been using the IE8 RC1 for sometime now and now cant wait to have my hands on IE8 final release.

Top Eight reasons to have Internet Explorer 8:

  1. You want a web that moves as fast as you do: Highlight an address, click the blue "Accelerator" button (clip_image001), and see all the things you can do instantly – like mapping, searching, and translating. Check out Accelerators from Digg, Facebook, eBay, and others.
  2. You want to know if it’s raining outside: Visit, search for “Seattle Weather” (or any major city), hover over the search result, and click the green "Web Slice" button (clip_image002) to add a weather Web Slice to your Favorites Bar. As of this morning there are over 1,200 Web Slices, Accelerators, and add-ons available worldwide in the IE8 add-on gallery.
  3. You like everyone to get along:  And that includes wanting the web sites you visit to work well with your browser. IE8 is the only browser to include multiple rendering engines to address backwards compatibility— hit a site that doesn’t seem right, hit the Compatibility View button, and you’re on your way.
  4. You’re a visual learner: See pictures of what you’re looking for as you type in the Instant Search box – rich search results in action!
  5. You want to find it again, fast: To quickly find sites you’ve visited before, simply use the new Smart Address Bar which searches your history, favorites, and feeds.
  6. You like your privacy: Enjoy more control over your personal information and privacy on the Web with InPrivate.
  7. You want an edge against the bad guys (aka security): Internet Explorer 8 offers unparalleled protection against malware – it’s 10 times safer than Internet Explorer 7, 4 times safer than Chrome, 2.8 times safer than Safari, and 2.3 times safer than Firefox.
  8. You hate interruptions: If one tab crashes, you can re-launch it without affecting your browsing experience – your other tabs keep right on working.

Check some of the great Videos here

Windows 7 Beta users: A windows update with specially updated version of Internet explorer is on its way.

Download IE8 NOW

Let me know how you like it..