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Hyper-V and Failover Clustering.


Have you been trying or testing Failover clustering with Hyper V based Virtual Machines?

but Ifti, What is failover Clustering??

The Failover Clustering feature enables you to create and manage failover clusters. A failover cluster is a group of independent computers that work together to increase the availability of applications and services. The clustered servers (called nodes) are connected by physical cables and by software. If one of the cluster nodes fails, another node begins to provide service (a process known as failover). Users experience a minimum of disruptions in service.

So Hyper-V and failover clustering, Why do i need it??

So lets say you are running multiple virtual machines running on a physical host, you must be wondering what would happen if my Physical Server fails, I will end up loosing all the Virtual machines running on that host leading to a catastrophic disaster.

Well that’s where Microsoft Failover Clustering comes into the picture.

With Failover Clustering the Virtual Machines running on a host will be restarted on another physical host which is a part of a cluster with a minimum downtime.

Here is a great guide available from Microsoft to make your Virtual Machines highly available, I suggest you to read through it.

Download It here. Step-by-Step Guide for Testing Hyper-V and Failover Clustering