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My first post from Windows 7 Operating System

Windows 7.  One better than Windows 6.



Due to overwhelming response of Windows enthusiasts around the globe for downloading Windows 7 Beta from Microsoft site, there were some glitches in downloading experience in last few hours but has been taken care by Windows Team here in Microsoft.

One more good news that initial limit of 2.5 million downloads is removed, so you can still download Windows 7 Beta even if 2.5 million download limit is reached untill January 24.

Hmm… thats nice Ifti. so howz Windows 7 ???

As a Microsoft Employee, Its our duty to evaluate and provide feedback to Windows Development Team.. what we call here “Eating our own dogfood”.

I completed the installation of Windows 7 on my Home Laptop and it looks great.


Guess what??? On my Compaq V2420 Laptop, Windows 7 has taken care of all the hardware drivers and it looks like this.


All Drivers?????

Ah.. my mistake, except my laptops internal 56Kbps Modem, which i have never used and not intend to use it in future, am very much happy with my WiFi connection 🙂

Some first hand changes which i have observed.

1. Great UI

2. Installation time is really reduced as compared to Vista.

3. Takes less time to boot,

4. Yes i can say batter life has improved.

5. Less cluttered taskbar

6. All my Windows Vista application works absolutely fine with Windows 7.

WOW Ifti !!! these sounds cool.. worth giving it a shot.

Yes, absolutely.. Download the BETA here  provide feedbacks and submit bugs and help us making a great Operating System.

I’ll leave you with this Microsoft Campaign.. I AM A PC


Stay tuned..