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Microsoft Virtualization: Practice Accelerator for Partners

PRACTICE ACCELERATOR FOR SERVER VIRTUALIZATION AND ADVANCE MANAGEMENT Even though its holiday time but i am as busy as any other time of the year.. I am working very closely with my team here in Microsoft about planning the Practice Accelerator Event for Virtualization that will be coming soon to our Microsoft Partners. So what… Read more

Good bye Windows® 2000 Server.

Its time to say good bye and thanks to Windows 2000 as we reaching the end of life of Windows 2000 in July 2010, Windows 2000 bought a revolutionary change in the computing world and its time to move on. Windows® 2000 Server reaches end of life on July, 2010 Customers who remain on this… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization: TechNet Resources

Hello Friends, Microsoft TechNet site for Virtualization is revamped and now a one stop page for all your technical resources related to Virtualization including: · Planning · Installation · Guidance · Best Practices · Deployment · Pre-Deployment Tools · Management · Performance · Workload Specific Guidance Visit the TechNet page here   This page… Read more

Windows 7 Launch Party @ Microsoft

I know its been a long time i blogged, After returning from Vacation, things were pretty tight and was really busy with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 launch and Post launch it was all about Partner and Customer demonstration and presentation on Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2. Windows 7 launch was phenomenal, Launch… Read more

Microsoft Partner Readiness: Virtualization Enhancements with Windows Server 2008 R2

  If you are a Microsoft Partner and if Virtualization is something which really excites you and would like to learn more about Microsoft Virtualization with Hyper V R2, You might be interested in this. I will be delivering a Technical Webinar on Microsoft Virtualization enhancements with Hyper V R2 in Server 2008 R2 on… Read more

Life at Microsoft

People always ask me, what is it like to be working at Microsoft, the largest software company in the world. What you guys do..?? This is what we DO. 🙂 Life at Microsoft Careers at Microsoft Cheers..!!!… Read more

Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides for Virtualization: Now Available

I have just returned from a two weeks vacation and currently in the process of grabbing all the updates in technology space in last two weeks, its not that i wasn’t really keeping tab on what’s happening 😉 Lets get back to business and lets see what’s new in Virtualization. While i was away Microsoft… Read more

Its VACATION TIME baby..!!!

Its finally the time of year when you need a break to recharge yourself.. Yes.. Its vacation time for me, I ll be on a vacation for next two weeks starting this Saturday. On Saturday afternoon I’ll fly to my home city New Delhi and will spend quality time with my Family and hangout with… Read more

VMware VMFS-3: Interoperability Reality

Just came across this interesting blog from Jason Perlow He Says: “The VMWare Cluster Locking File System, version 3 (VMFS-3) Is one of the core technologies used in VMWare ESX/vSphere 4 virtual infrastructure environments. Unfortunately, it’s also a completely proprietary black box that makes interoperability nearly impossible.” I had a customer which had to perform… Read more

Microsoft Virtualization: Optimized Desktop

Today we’ll talk about Optimized Desktops and how its different from Traditional desktops. There is lots of buzz word around for Optimized Desktop but do we really know what exactly a Optimized desktop means. Enterprise IT infrastructures are increasingly complex to manage. Microsoft Optimized Desktop model enhances application deployment and compatibility, increases IT responsiveness and… Read more