Windows Server 2012 Deep Dive – Two Days of free training

Is now all available online I will tidy this up (one day), but just to get the content out there, here it is: Day 1 (1) Dave Northey – Introduction and Fundamentals – 25 mins (2) Dave Northey – Manage and Maintain Availability – 25 mins (3) Dave Northey – Deploy and Manage Your Applications…

Windows Server 2012 Deep Dive

FREE Training on Windows Server 2012 in Dublin – April 22nd & 23rd A two day session (not for the feint hearted) – in Microsoft Ireland, Dublin (22nd & 23rd April). More details and registration here. See you next week?

DPM 2012 and Azure backup

Backing up your environment to Azure Storage using DPM Providing reliable backup’s is part of every ITPRO’s daily workload. Some companies have quite complex media cycles that are time consuming to manage. Customers also have the issue of getting tapes offsite for DR and compliance reasons. What if there was another alternative ? What if…