DPM 2012 and Azure backup

Backing up your environment to Azure Storage using DPM Providing reliable backup’s is part of every ITPRO’s daily workload. Some companies have quite complex media cycles that are time consuming to manage. Customers also have the issue of getting tapes offsite for DR and compliance reasons. What if there was another alternative ? What if…

Create a virtual machine and adding a VHD file using powershell

Or: How you can use Powershell to create virtual machines!  With a few keystroke you can create a virtual machine and attach an existing VHD(X) file to it! I usually look for the fastest and easiest way to get things done. Always manually rebuilding my lab was tiresome and demotivating so I started to look at…


New Office 2013 SKUs (editions)

What are the new Office 2013 editions, who are they targeted at and what do you get? Lots of great detail on the new Office line-up here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-ie/ This is a great overview:   I suggest you all try Office 365 Home Premium for a month (for free).