Windows Upgrade Offer – Windows 8 Pro for €14.99

Buy a Windows 7 PC and get Windows 8 Pro for € 14.99.


The Windows Upgrade Offer went live on Saturday 2nd June. Here’s how it works:

  • Purchase a Windows 7 PC
  • Register for the Windows Upgrade Offer on and receive a registration confirmation email
  • Upon the release of Windows 8 (GA), customers will receive an email with a promotion code to purchase Windows 8 Pro for €14.99 incl. VAT
  • Customers will be able to purchase a downloadable version of Windows 8 Pro (no matter which edition of Windows 7 they purchased!)

More details and FAQ available from


Comments (8)

  1. Jan Lalik says:

    What about people who did buy laptop with Windows 7 last year. It is unfair to those if they cannot an upgrade for the same price.

  2. just me1 says:

    Ha ha…honestly to cry for windows…    –  I have windows 7 but  I don't even want to see the 8.. headache. Mac should go down with price and this would be the last windows ever.

  3. HEH says:

    @Just me: The world runs on windows.

  4. @Just Me says:

    Its obvious you are retarded Mac is the worst exquse for an operating system At least windows is very customizable and useable, it also dosent cost a fortune basically every month…

  5. Henry Bihun says:

    I bought a Toshiba lap top and would like to register for the upgrade for the $14.99

  6. P.A. Passanen says:

    Har köpt en dator med W-7 i September  vill nog prova den uppgradering till W-8 som erbjuds,skll  vist vara toppen.

  7. krishna nand mishra says:

    a3/36 dali mill road utam nagar ned delhi 110059 mn:9015347070

  8. says:

    I have the promo code. I want the disc so I can load it. I can not figure out how I can get that  The code is BH-GWH3-DGHC-MG3Q-6Y3

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