Ready. Steady. Go! TheAppBuilder Lets Every Business Win The Race To Have A Mobile App

“Pretty soon every individual and firm will be in the App business” – John Kennedy, Silicon Republic

Featured Irish Bizspark Startup of the Month:

clip_image001“Pretty Soon Every Individual and Firm Will be in the App Business” – John Kennedy Silicon Republic.

Jampot Techologies know how to make this happen and have recently being featured on Engadget, Fast Company, BBC and Intels AppUp show (skip to 3.40). Jampot’s App Builder tool allows any person or company with no technical skills create and publish a mobile app for Windows Phone, Android and iOS for $29 a month. These apps can be created in minutes and the content updated in real time. Jampot see themselves as the WordPress of app development, democratizing who can have an app. To find our more go to


The mobile app market is set for major growth in the next few years – Gartner anticipates that in 2015 over one billion smart phones will be sold worldwide. This is quite simply a phenomenal statistic and if we thought the burgeoning mobile app market was substantial now, its going to radically accelerate from this point on.

Well, what does this mean for Irish businesses? Fundamentally they need to sit up and take notice. This is only the beginning – companies and organisations are starting to realise that they need to stand out from their competition and need to evolve their communication strategy to interact with mobile users via engaging apps.

Thinking about it quite literally, a mobile app enables a business to be on a person’s body, right in their pocket, purse or bag. You can’t get closer to their decision making than being on the device they often care for more fondly than their children and spend more time with than their partner!

The problem is that many small companies can’t afford to have an app built on one platform, never mind the three major platforms (Windows Phone, iOS, Android). The technical and publishing requirements also often leave business owners baffled, resulting in a barrier that is stopping organisations from communicating effectively with their customers and taking advantage of this massive opportunity.

Microsoft Ireland has recognised these issues and is providing businesses with the tool to build their own app by recommending TheAppBuilder.  TheAppBuilder revolutionises the industry, where literally any person or company can create an app in minutes and preview it on their phone for free. Once ready to publish to the Windows, Apple and Google stores a $29 a month subscription allows publication on all three, plus unlimited updates to the app.

Anyone, no matter what their level of technical expertise can build a mobile app quickly and easily – restaurants, photographers, beauty spas, churches, sports clubs, e-learning companies, race car drivers and thousands of other organisations have built an app using TheAppBuilder. Agencies are finding it particularly useful as they can quickly turn-around inexpensive client apps for events, conferences and campaigns.

Businesses can build and preview their app for free before selecting a no contract, no hassle subscription at Go Build!

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