One Month of Learning with Microsoft and all I got was this Lousy Phone! Guest post by Aaron Rolph

One IT Professionals thoughts on the Microsoft Virtual Academy

Aaron Rolph

I have to admit, I was sceptical when I first came across Microsoft's Virtual Academy and ultimately, like so many other things despite the good intentions, it got pushed to the "I have too many other things to do right now" pile.  Some time passed and low and behold I see an email from Microsoft stating some new hot shot called Dave Northey was on the scene for Microsoft Ireland.  I wonder what this guy will do I found myself asking.  Well one of the things Dave got up to was that night in Dublin half starkers near... (sorry, wrong Dave)  ...was re-introducing the MVA but this time with a competitive element so now I'm thinking wait a minute... I get learning for free on the up and coming exciting industry topics and..... you'll give me the chance to win kit ranging from branded goods and 32GB USB sticks to a TechNet subscription?  Nice!  So now I'm all over it and its paid off.  I now have an idea of how I can leverage Microsoft's products for private cloud deployment and can bring this to my peers in the workplace.  Oh and just the small fact of, I won the monthly competition for a sweet as Nokia Lumia 800 Windows smart phone.  Pfft, who needs an iPhone, this is one serious piece of kit!?  Anyway folks, get involved if you haven't already and get learning.  You increase your own knowledge, get to look smart in work and may even get to show off your shiny new Windows phone.  Especially fun when you work with UNIX and Mac geeks 🙂

Happy learning and good luck in the draw!


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  1. B. Ryan says:

    insightful and inspirational

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