Server selection made easy

Introducing the SMB Windows Server Experience Tool

We have just launched a new SMB Server Experience Tool, a unique solution to simplify server selection in the SMB space.

This tool, which is now available at the Midsize Business Solution page at, makes it easy for our SMB partners to see how Microsoft server & management solutions can address their customers’ current business needs.

The Windows Server Experiences component (blue track) is designed to show what a server can do for the business and how easy it can be to manage a server environment. Users will have the opportunity to walk through brief scenarios with SBS, Windows Server, and System Center Essentials, ranging from “New User Creation” to “Hyper-V Live Migration” or “Virtualizing a Physical Server.”



The Windows Server Selector component (green track) helps simplify the server selection process by recommending key products after answering just a few simple questions, can can also create a custom business case report—based on the recommended products and business concerns—supporting their customers’ ongoing IT strategies and investments.



Take a moment and explore the SMB Server Experience Tool today!


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