Q&A from November 2011

As customers upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 they’re having “fun” with printers!

Q. In my Windows Server 2003 environment, how can I add in a GPO to allow printer drivers install without the users requiring admin rights on their PC’s?

A. If you’re in a 2003 domain, you’re still using the old XP group policies.

-              Ensure the drivers are up to date

-              Share out the printers and drivers

-              Install the right group policy ADM files on the domain – you need a Windows 7 machine to use RSAT and ensure that the versions are in sync (RSAT for Windows 7/Windows 2008 R2).

-              Use the User GPO to automatically add in the printer mapping to the users profile

It’s not the 2008 AD that matters – it’s the 2008 (Windows 7) GPOs.


Q. I’m looking for training on System Centre Configuration Manager 2007

A #1. I’ll keep my eye open – but you’re more likely to start finding SCCM 2012 content to be honest (it launches towards the end of this year)..

A #2. There’s a bunch of Virtual Labs on 2007 (and 2012) here: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ie/systemcenter/om/bb539977.aspx


Q. Bit of an odd question, but do you know off the top of your head what CMS MSN uses?  We are looking at different CMS systems and trying to figure out the best one?

A. It’s probably some internal proprietary one (that scales to the hundreds of millions of users we have).

From us, SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites (FIS) is obviously the best there is.


Comments (3)

  1. Dean Dempsey says:

    Hi Dave, hope you are keeping well, I would love to visit the MS datacentre. yes please arrange & I will schedule.

    I worked for a period as the Computer Systems Manger in US Embassy Dublin. while I can’t go into much detail, the MS server & desktop OS worked well for our clients & customers. I preformed regular patch updates via SMS server, which worked well & saved alot of shoe leather, compared to before it was all done manually visiting every PC individually on & off site!!

    thanks & look forward to hearing from you.



  2. Dave Northey says:

    Hi Dean,

    Ping me an email please (daven@microsoft.com) – I'll need to be able to contact you!


  3. Jason loveday says:

    Hi there dave, i too would love to come up and take a look at your data center with three of my class mates,we are all doing comtia a+, network + at the moment and would be of great interest to us all!


    regards jason (jsonloveday@hotmail.com)

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