Hyper-V Installation and Configuration

Dave Northey explains the Installation and Configuration of Hyper-V

Including creating your first template VM

Following on from my previous Introduction to Hyper-V post, I now go into a bit of detail.

I do want to re-iterate that everything I talk about is FREE (well, free if you’re virtualising Windows Servers – as Hyper-V is included in the Windows license).  And there is a completely FREE option (Hyper-V Server) if you want the smallest footprint hypervisor.

In this ten minute video, I enable the Hyper-V role, explain the architecture of Hyper-V (how it runs underneath the installation of Windows and why it is the most performant hypervisor on the market) and the use of Hyper-V Manager.  I create Virtual Networks and my first Virtual Machine.  I then continue explaining how to create your first template virtual machine from which you can create all your subsequent ones.


And a quick look at detailed VM configuration

Including Dynamic Memory allocation and processor weightings.

And I close with how users of your VMs do not need to use Hyper-V Manager – they just treat it like any other server on the network.

If you’re interested in evaluating Hyper-V you can download the evaluation of Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 here:

Windows Server.


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