SCOM 2007 R2 101 Document

I came across this document today, emailed the link to a few friends and then thought I should share it with everyone I know. I spend a great deal of time talking to people about system management and virtualization; with Microsoft technologies that requires a good understanding of SCOM. This is a great document for people  starting out with SCOM implementations or even people experienced in the product. 100+ pages of great documentation from Microsoft Premier Field Engineers who live in the product.

Table of Contents

  • Where do I see Views / Monitoring / Alerts etc. for my technology?
  • Something shows as Red. How do I figure out why it is showing as Red?
  • How do I get more detail on what is in my Technology’s Management Pack?
  • How do I disable or tune something in Ops Mgr?
  • How do I create a rule to be alerted on a scenario such as a user being added to domain admins?
  • How do I create a Subscription which will notify when a given alert occurs.
  • How do I know if OpsMgr is collecting a specific performance counter?
  • How do I create a rule to collect performance data that is not already collected in a management pack, and show it in the graphs in Operations Manager?
  • How do I create a performance monitor to monitor if a performance counter sample exceeds a threshold?
  • How do I run a report for a performance counter that OpsMgr is collecting?
  • How Do I Generate a Top ‘n’ Performance Report?
  • How do I know what parameters are available in an event to monitor off?
  • Appendix - Best Practices:

Go get it here.

Credits to Antoni Hanus and Jesse Harris from Microsoft PFE.

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  1. Nishad says:

    Its a very good document … Do you have same kind of document in SCCM?

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