Free SCOM Deployment Whitepaper from Silect

Silect are an ISV building Management Packs tools and plugins specifically for the System Center Operations Manager ad Configuration Manager. This is a valuable read for anyone looking to deploy SCOM as MP’s real make or break the success of the deployments success.

What is a Management Pack and how does it affect my System Center Operations Manager environment?
Management Packs (or MPs) are the building blocks which form the foundation of your System Center Operations Manager deployment. Individual MPs exist for each operating system, workload, application or IT service being monitored or managed by Operations Manager. MPs contain rules, monitors and discoveries that tell Operations Manager what to do, when and how to handle any exception that is detected, such as generating an alert. Agents deployed by Operations Manager receive instructions that are encapsulated within MPs on how to discover different systems and workloads. Once discovered, monitors and rules are deployed that the agent uses to assess the health, performance, configuration and security of those systems and workloads, the status of which it then reports back to its management server. Rules are also used to collect data from a monitored node to be stored in a data warehouse for Operations Manager reporting purposes. MPs contain the best practices knowledge to discover, monitor, troubleshoot, report on and resolve problems for a specific technology component.

Want to know more? The Whitepaper is to be found here.

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