Clouds of Ash Causing Problems?

Given the number of Irish workers stranded in Europe, the US or further afield, I thought readers may find Microsoft’s Online Services worth looking into.


Has the cloud of volcanic ash led to cancelled meetings and disrupted your business? Are you and your colleagues finding it impossible to get to that important meeting?

If employees in your organisation are stuck abroad with no access to the office, you don’t have to wait for the restrictions to be lifted before you can get your business back to normal.

Microsoft’s hosted web conference service, ‘Office Live Meeting’, can help you and your employees be as productive working from in or outside the office. You can meet with your colleagues, customers and partners online and collaborate with them in real-time, regardless of location or rare climate conditions!

Sign up now for your free 30-day trial of Microsoft Live Meeting or any other Microsoft’s hosted alternatives for email (Exchange Online), IM & Presence Awareness (Office Communications Online) and Centralised resources & workflow management (SharePoint Online).

You (and your team) can be up on running on one or multiple Microsoft Online Services with 24 hours!

Click here to learn more about Microsoft Online Services or contact us today!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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