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The Cloud is the buzz word of the IT industry; most companies are trying to position themselves to take advantage of the changing landscape of IT.We announced today Windows Intune, a means to simplifies how businesses manage and secure PCs using Windows cloud services and Windows 7, so computers and users can operate at peak performance.  Customers subscribed to Windows Intune receive cloud management and malware protection services, upgrades to Windows 7. This is a natural progression for Microsoft.

From Hotmail to Windows Update, Microsoft has almost 15 years experience in cloud computing, hosting some of the world’s largest cloud services. Windows Intune takes advantage of the Microsoft Update and Windows Update infrastructure, one of the world’s largest cloud services, which pushes out a petabyte of updates every month to hundreds of millions of PCs. This should provide a level of confidence in the strategy for every customer to start.

Sounds very good so far, tell me more:


Here is what it does:

    1. Help Manage and Secure PCs Anywhere - With the Windows Intune cloud service, customers can centrally manage and secure their PCs through a simple, web-based console - whether the IT staff or end-users are in the main office, branch office, or on the road.

    2. The Best Windows Experience – Businesses can provide a better experience for their workforce that’s easier to manage by standardizing their PC environment.  By upgrading PCs to Windows 7 Enterprise, businesses can make users more productive anywhere with a more intuitive UI and power search tools. Windows Intune also improves security with tools like BitLocker and BitLocker To Go to protect data, and streamlines PC management with new tools that help customers upgrade their existing PCs.

    Fits Your Business – With Windows Intune, customers get big-tech results with a small-tech investment, minimal overhead and simple billing

Now I am interested, when can I get it? Well that is the good part…soon. As always, we announce these products in advance of the actual release date but there will be a public Beta and Release Candidate that will see Irish customers and partners able to try these new technologies. Stay tuned, and I will let you know when this will be available to try.

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