Correction to article in TechNet Newsflash June 5th

This article states that OCS is not supported in a virtualised environment. Since the initial draft of the article, the support stance changed. Some OCS Server roles can now be deployed in a virtualised environment:

Presence, Instant Messaging (including remote access, federation, and Public IM Connectivity) and Group Chat workloads are supported. The following server roles can be deployed virtually:

· Front-End Servers

· Back-End SQL Server 2008 64 bits

· Group Chat Channel Servers

· Group Chat Compliance Servers

· Edge Access Servers

The virtual machines must be running on Windows Server 2008 64 bits. Archiving Server and Monitoring Server (CDR Only) can be connected to a virtualized Enterprise pool, but they must run on a physical server. The virtualised deployment must meet the requirements of the Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP) -

For more information, consult the OCS team blog - . A capacity planning whitepaper accompanies this announcement -


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