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Unless you live under a rock or don’t work in IT (in which case why are you reading this blog) you should by now have figured out that Microsoft has a new desktop OS coming soon. So if you are an ITPro and you have a new OS, then you have to be thinking about how am I going to deploy it, how am I going to secure IT and what benefits is it going to have for my business and users. Every business situation requires different deployment strategies, every business requires different security strategies and to make the right choices you need to hear about your options. offers IT professionals genuine insight on Windows 7 from the Microsoft engineers who helped build the product such as Jon DeVaan, Gabe Al, Sharif Farag, and Mark Russinovich.  Additionally, you will hear real world commentary from IT Pro Managers direct from the trenches; there is even a video from my good friend Mitch Garvis, Canadian MVP for EBS on his deployment experiences.

When you combine Talking About Windows and the Springboard Series – IT Professionals have a great deal of resources to help them consider their options and learn more about Windows 7!



This site is about shared experiences. I am a very big promoter of the IT Community experience through online communities, local user groups and networking sessions like TechNet events. The best way to learn about new solutions is from people who have already experienced it. My recommendation is to get involved in any of the 3 community types mentioned, and start making contributions.

(Note the 7-11 Big Gulp cups, this is based on my life and desk!)

Be sure to come back to as they will be adding more engineering and customer videos in lead up to general availability of Windows 7 and keep in mind that the Release Candidate experience starts very soon 🙂


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