Free Powershell Book and User Group Info

If you are serious about your Windows Server IT Administration, then this post is for you! Powersheelbook

I got this post in my inbox this morning and needed to forward it around, free books are always a good thing! Powershell MVP Keith Hill has published an eBook which contains much of the contents of his blog.  It’s now downloadable from his blog on Spaces.

Here’s a sample of the contents:

  • Introduction
  • Item 1: Four Cmdlets that are the Keys to Discovery within Powershell
  • Key #1: Get-Command
  • Key #2: Get-Help
  • Key #3: Get-Member
  • Key #4: Get-PSDrive
  • Powershell 2.0 Update
  • Item 2: Understanding Output
  • Output is Always a .NET Object
  • Function Output Consists of Everything That Isn't Captured
  • Other Types of Output That Can't Be Captured
  • Item 3: Know What Objects Are Flowing Down the Pipeline
  • Item 4: Output Cardinality - Scalars, Collections and Empty Sets - Oh My!
  • Working with Scalars
  • Working with Collections
  • Working with Empty Sets
  • Item 5: Use the Objects, Luke. Use the Objects!
  • Item 6: Know Your Output Formatters
  • Item 7: Understanding PowerShell Parsing Modes
  • Item 8: Understanding ByPropertyName Pipeline Bound Parameters
  • Item 9: Understanding ByValue Pipeline Bound Parameters
  • Item 10: Regular Expressions - One of the Power Tools in Powershell


Virtual Powershell User Group

And on a related topic, another Powershell MVP, Marco Shaw back in Canada has established a Virtual Powershell User Group. The group has been meeting monthly via LiveMeeting over the last number of months with a MVP’s and Microsoft staff presenting on a variety of Powershell related topics. All of the past meetings have been recorded are available for viewing at the link below.

Will Will Signiture2

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s truly rare when you hear the word “Free” and don’t associate it 70 popups, and pile of spam in your mailbox the next day and phone calls from Telemarketers. But today is different. I was pouring through my morning “Tweets” in my feed from “Twitter”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Every so often you miss something, perhaps it was all the Energize IT prep the team was heads down in,

  3. Anonymous says:

       It’s truly rare when you hear the word “Free” and don’t associate it 70 popups, and pile

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