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Stuck in traffic on your commute everyday? I spend a full day on the M50 every week going nowhere fast. There's only so much radio you can listen to! I've tried learning chinese - I've even listened to Wikinomics on audio book. I had a great idea then that if only we could produce technical audio casts that you could listen when you were stuck in traffic - you could keep up to date and get the most out of the commute deadtime! Great idea that unfortunately someone at MS already had before me (forget about the early retirement plans!).

TechNet Radio is a series of audio casts that you can download from the Technet Site -  unlike the audio streams of webcasts, they're designed to be listened to and not viewed so there are no references to PowerPoint slides that you can't see.  In fact most of them take the form of an interview with an expert on whatever the topic is: currently they're running a series on mobility. We're planning to do one or two of these locally so if anyone has any topics they'd like to hear - let me know.

You can check it out for yourself at:- 

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