SQL Server 2008 February CTP Now Released

The feature complete February CTP for SQL Server 2008 is now available for download. This is the first CTP to deliver all the key functionality thta's planned for the final release. Three key areas that we've made big enhancements on are:-

  • Data Compression, which reduces the storage and manageability cost of your database and provides significant performance improvements for workloads such as data warehousing.

  • Enhancements to Policy Based Management, including policy violation alerts, policy import, the ability to run and evaluate multiple simultaneous policies, view the facets and evaluate policies when Object Explorer is connected to Analysis Services and Reporting Services, and more.

  • Integrated Full Text Search, which makes the transition between Full-Text Search and relational data seamless while enabling the use of full-text indexes to perform high-speed text searches on large text columns.

More than 100,000 users have already registered for the community technology programme so if you'd like to join in and try it for yourself visit the link below.



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