What is Infrastructure, Optimization and Why Should You Care?

IT organisations have become more geographically dispersed and individual roles more specialized. Some IT professionals have found it increasingly difficult to collaborate across roles and conduct typical management and maintenance tasks in areas such as deployment, user management, messaging, and security. If this is your experience, tune in to these webcasts to learn steps you can take to grow your IT organization into a more integrated and flexible system. Hear from subject matter experts as they provide scenario-based solutions for management, identity and access management, data protection, and client consistency, and answer your questions about improving your organisation’s infrastructure.

The series started on Wednesday, Sept. 6th with "What is Infrastructure Optimization, and Why Should You Care?"  Good question.   These webcasts are presented by our US team and the guys really know their stuff.   You can check them out at:



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  1. Thanks for the info on <a href="http://www.3gcgroup.com/…/network-infrastructure-optimization">infrastructure optimization</a> . My company has been looking into doing this.

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