Microsoft has bought Winternals Software

If you've ever had to diagnose Windows problems, you know who Winternals are - they're the guys who develop Sysinternals (tools like Regmon & Filemon).

More info here:

As part of the deal, we're naming Winternals co-founder Mark Russinovich a technical fellow.  "Mark is one of the top five or 10 people in the world when it comes to Windows internals."  Russinovich will be focused on helping Microsoft further develop the Windows kernel in his role as technical fellow--the top technical position at Microsoft with less than two dozen people holding such title.  Russinovich said in a statement that he is excited to join the company whose technologies are so critical to so many businesses.

Microsoft is still exploring how best to integrate Winternals' products. Winternals' Recovery Manager, for example, has some similarities to the System Center Data Protection Manager tool that Microsoft released in September 2005. "We're evaluating how those would meet together,"

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