How to get more years out of your PCs..

Last week we anounced software that turns older PCs into more modern and secure systems.

The software, known as Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs, is designed as a stopgap measure for companies with a significant number of older Windows PCs that they aren't ready to replace and that can't be easily upgraded to Windows XP.

More info here:

Formerly known by its Eiger code name, Windows Fundamentals gives those PCs some of the security benefits of XP but essentially turns the machines into thin clients, able to run only a few programs locally, with most software needing to run remotely from a server.

Microsoft developed Windows Fundamentals because corporate customers were looking for a way to get more years out of their PCs. "This gave them a key tool for expanding those life spans."

There is a catch: Windows Fundamentals is only being made available as part of Microsoft's Software Assurance licensing program.

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  1. You’re wait to late … I blogged about this last week 🙂

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