Optimise Your Core Infrastructure: Video on IT’s Showtime!

IT’s Showtime is a site that enables you to tune into Microsoft's best events in DVD quality video format.  Check it out here.

I just wanted to highlight this video as I thought you would be interested in it: Optimize Your Core Infrastructure: Manage Complexity, Achieve Agility, Protect Information and Control Access, On IT’s Showtime!

Join Bob Kelly as he discusses the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), Microsoft's long term strategy that couples a model-driven approach with a complete, integrated set of technology solutions to enable IT to manage complexity and achieve agility. Kelly also outlines Microsoft's comprehensive set of security and access solutions, designed to enable IT to address the ever-changing landscape of technology threats so they can protect information and control access across their organization.

These type of management events have been a huge focus for us locally over the last 12 months and will continue to be over the coming year.

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