MIM 2016 Upgrade issues on builds 4.1.3646.0 / 4.1.3634.0 / 4.1.3627.0 / 4.1.3733 / 4.1.3766

While exploring to upgrade from FIM 2010 SP1 to MIM you may encounter the following error when upgrading from latest FIM 2010 R2 SP1 hotfixes (4.1.3646.0 / 4.1.3634.0 / 4.1.3627.0 / 4.1.3733 / 4.1.3766) to Microsoft Identity Manager. We are aware of this issue and have a solution


We have a workaround for this issue. We simply replace the file <iso_drive>\Service and Portal\Program Files\Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager\2010\Service\Microsoft.IdentityManagement.DatabaseUpgrade.exe.config with the one below before installing.

In the Microsoft.Identitymanagement.DatabaseUpgrade_tracelog you would see the following error below if you attempted this upgrade without replacing the configuration file.

Microsoft.ResourceManagement Verbose: 0 : Execute SQL : The transaction failed with the following errors System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Column, parameter, or variable #1: Cannot find data type fim.ObjectKeyListInternal.
Must declare the table variable "@objectKeyList".
Parameter or variable '@objectKeyList' has an invalid data type.

Thank you

Identity and Security Team / AKA Support

Updated  9/12/2016

Note: please rename to Microsoft.IdentityManagement.DatabaseUpgrade.exe.config

Comments (6)

  1. Any thoughts on upgrading directly from FIM 2010? NOT R2. Is that supposed to work? I’m getting this error: Error 25009. Invalid object mms_management-agent A bit like here:


  2. In case anyone is wondering, I went on with upgrading and this is how I did the upgrade from FIM 2010 to MIM 2016:


  3. Dubbel Tsei says:

    Are actually sure that file you are providing will work? I am facing the issue you have descripted but the solution doesn’t work. Same error messages and so on…

  4. Greg Wilkerson says:

    Updating the config file fixed my issues. I did get another error message: "The database upgrade tool has encountered at least one error when upgrading FIM configuration objects. Please see the Forefront Identity Manager application event log for more
    detail". I didn’t see anything in the event log though. Site comes up and looks ok (so far!)

  5. Updated to include latest hotfix (3721, 3733)

  6. Updated with build(4.1.3766)

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