Technical overview whitepaper on FIM 2010

FIM 2010 has been out a couple of months and we have tons of documentation on TechNet and now finally I have published the technical whitepaper that should give you a walkthrough of the product in 50 short pages.  The idea was to create a document and a presentation that could be used to understand a little bit more about the architecture of FIM and the key features.  I presented a TechNet webcast a few weeks ago named  Forefront Identity Manager 2010: Technical Overview and Deployment  and now we also have the paper available.

Some topics explained in the paper: image

  • Components of Forefront Identity Manager Architecture including topologies
  • Feature walkthrough including Group, User and Password management
  • Key concepts for Policy Management

Whitepaper: Forefront Identity Manager 2010 – Technical Overview

I will also post this to the whitepaper page on shortly.


ps. A big thank you goes out the great team at  Ensynch for working together with us on this paper

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  1. David Lundell -- Ensynch says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to write this!

  2. javi says:

    we are using ILM 2007 and want to migrate our DA to Windows Server 2012 R2, it’s possible to install "Password Change Notification Service" in Windows Server 2012?


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