ILM 2007 FP1 Service Pack 1 is released

We have just release Service Pack 1 for ILM 2007.


This update sets a new base line for future coming updates to ILM with much easier deployment of such updates. The biggest and most important update in this Services Pack is that we now support provisioning of mailboxes on Exchange 2010.

The AD Management Agent now has a drop down box to choose Exchange Server 2010 or 2007. With Exchange 2010 provisioning there MA uses Remote Powershell to connect to the Exchange Server so no need to have the Exchange admin tools installed on the ILM machine.

 You can find some guidance on the MA for Ex 2010 on This was written on a pre-release of the Service Pack so might need some minor tweaks but these should be addressed shortly.

 Brjann Brekkan



Comments (3)

  1. Nills Leiva says:

    the link to download is broken…


  2. javi says:

    we are using ILM 2007 and want to migrate our DA Windows Server 2012 R2, is it possible to install "Password Change Notification Service" in Windows Server 2012?


  3. @Javi – yes, new version of PCNS (downloadable) is supported on WS2012 and WS2012R2. But please remember ILM2007 is rather old – please migrate to FIM2010 R2 SP1 or MIM2016…

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