UAG Build Versions

UAG Build Versions: Ver. 4.0.1752.10000 (SP1) Ver. 4.0.1773.10100 (SP1U1) Ver. 4.0.2095.10000 (SP2) Ver. 4.0.3123.10000 (SP3)

UAG Service Pack installation failure

Service Packs and Updates Packages for UAG are not cumulative so in order to get to the latest build you’ll need to install each individually. The order of installation should be as described: UAG-KB2585140 – UAG Service Pack 1 Update 1 TMG-KB2555840 – TMG Service Pack 2 TMG-KB2689195 – TMG Rollup 2 for TMG SP2 TMG-KB980674 – TMG Array…