Why FIM/MIM MA is slow? Part 1


“Why FIM/MIM MA is slow” is one of the most frequent questions we’ve got from our customers. It’s actually a board topics which has various causes. Before we dig into to the details, it is quite necessary for us to clarify below two checkpoints.

1. Which particular run profile is slow?

     As we all know, there are three type run profiles for every Management Agent and so does FIMMA. Every run profile type involves different components. And pay attention to the different interfaces leveraged by import and export profile.

Run Profile Type Action
Full/Delta Import Import objects from FIM Service to FIMMA connector space via SQL interface
Full/Delta Sync Apply the sync rules between FIMMA connector space and metaverse
Export Export objects from FIMMA connector space to FIM Service via web service


2. How we define slow?

    When we mention “slow”, it could be general or slower. So it’s important to have a baseline of the FIMMA’s performance by collecting the perf counters under FIM 2010 Namespace.


Then you probably ask what kind of performance is expected? The answer is it depends on several elements like the typology, the scale, server config and sql instance config. That’s why you need setup your own baseline , the more frequent you inspect on this, the more accurate is your FIM solution’s baseline. And Microsoft Product team do publish a testing result on small profile and medium profile separately as a reference.

So next time, instead of saying “FIMMA is slow”, you shall more specific about “Which run profile of FIMMA is slow to what extend”.

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