Forefront Identity Manager 2010 RC1 released

The long awaited RC1 release of Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager is finally here.  Yes, we've been waiting a long time but good things take time and when it comes to FIM 2010 there are a lot of good things.  FIM 2010, aka "ILM2", is the next iteration of Identity Management tools from Microsoft.  While it is technically the successor to ILM 2007, aka "ILM1", it is by no means simply an upgrade.  FIM 2010 dramatically improves enterprise identity management by delivering powerful self-service capabilities for Office end-users, rich administrative tools and enhanced automation for IT professionals, and .NET and WS-* based extensibility for developers. The final release is slated for the first quarter of 2010.

What’s new in FIM RC1:

· Significant performance and scalability improvements across the product.

· Key feature enhancements, such as the ability to show invalid security group members and to disable batch approve/reject of membership requests if needed. A System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) management pack and configuration migration tools are also new for RC1.

· The FIM 2010 user interface has enhanced usability and layout in many areas, resulting directly from RC0 customer feedback.

· The product is now rebranded as Forefront Identity Manager 2010, with a few exceptions, replacing the old “ILM 2” codename. 

New documentation will be published to Connect as well as TechNet and MSDN in the next few days. Keep an eye on the Technical Resources page for updates.

FIM is part of Microsoft’s continued, far-reaching commitment to enabling more secure, identity-based access to applications - on-premises and in the cloud, from virtually any location or device

To learn more about the IDA solution you can find a webcast on the Launch website: - browse to Business Ready Security – Identity and Access Management Solution

Download FIM 2010 RC1 from the Microsoft TechNET Evaluation Center:


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