FIM 2010 RC1 Resource Management Client Sample Announcement

The FIM 2010 RC1 client is unsupported sample source code and documentation that shows how you could build a client to communicate with the FIM Web Service.  This sample client was inspired by Joe Schulman’s public client last year and the documentation is based on the documentation Joe released in April.  Joe's client was written for RC0 and cannot be used with RC1. You may now  use this new client with FIM 2010 RC1. 


The DefaultClientScenario.cs test case shows basic usage including Create, Read, Update, Delete, and Enumerate operations.  This sample client does not include documentation on how to complete approvals or the password reset scenario.


Please be prepared to step into the code and make adjustments. The most common issue people have with the client is correctly configuring WCF to communicate with the FIM Web Service. Ensure that you are setting the client credentials correctly and that you’ve modified the app.config file to include the service’s account name.  See the readme for more information.


While we hope that the client is useful in evaluating FIM, there is no commitment from Microsoft or from The IDA Guys to address any issues uncovered in the client or the examples provided.

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