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We are launching this blog to bring you "on-the-street news", experiences and ideas about the Identity Management products from Microsoft that we live and breathe every day.   The IDA Guys are made up of Identity Management experts from the Microsoft Technical Field. 


Let us start this out with some good news.  Identity Lifecycle Manager “2” has now been branded Forefront  Identity Manager 2010.   We will be releasing a new release candidate(RC1) in Q3 (approximately July).  The product group responsible for Forefront Identity Manager, based on customer feedback from early adopters both in the public and private sector and including our own internal Microsoft IT (MSIT), want to make sure that the next version is easier for customers to deploy and use.  They also wanted to fulfill requests made by current TAP and RDP customers that include tools and strong documentation available for the release of the product.  Believe us, these will be good things to have when it comes time to deploy the new product.  The current schedule for RTM is Q1 CY2010.


Again, welcome to this new blog.  We look forward to bringing you regular updates that will help you to deploy the various Identity Management products that Microsoft develops.

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