What? A Bus Tour Across Central Europe?

Hello world! I’m being serious. I’ve just resurfaced after spending nearly two weeks in a “executive keynote demo bunker”, building out a cool demo rig for a big upcoming event (wink, wink).  Man, I had a beard and everything, and mostly sustained myself with Starbucks coffee, good humor, and the thousand degree temperatures that come…


Get Into the “New Efficiency”. I Did!

Wow! What a crazy run it has been, as we’ve been ramping for a number of milestones for the big launch.  For example, I’ve spent this week building out a real killer Exchange Server 2010 demo rig for some important, upcoming events.  In addition to that, I have been conducting briefings with top tier tech…


Article Alert: Policy-Driven Network Access with Windows Server 2008

While it has been nearly three months since I moved from the role as product manager for Windows Server networking to the Exchange Server team, I still get the occasional opportunity to strut my old networking stuff.  One such example is a recent article I co-authored with Amith Krishnan (product manager for Network Access Protection)…


WS08 RC1!

Yup. It went live today. More details here: Microsoft and Industry Partners Gear Up for Biggest Enterprise Launch Wave in the Company’s History Check it out!  — hama


Broadcom Takes IPsec to Task (Offload That Is)!

Our friends over at  Broadcom announced on Tuesday (November 6th) a new super cool, 65nm Gigabit Ethernet controller that will incorporate support for Window Vista’s IPsec Task Offload functionality! As my boss’ boss said in the press release: “Thanks to Broadcom’s inclusion of IPsec task offload support, our mutual customers will have even greater flexibility…


Greetings from the Future (Or, At Least GMT+8)

It’s the Saturday following my week here in Kuala Lumpur (aka KL) and TechEd 2007 SEA (aka South East Asia).  The week was a good time, and it was great to connect with the local ‘softies, MVPs, partners, and of course, the regional customers. I delivered two sessions, both basically repeats of my sessions at…


Intel I/OAT w/ WS08 @ 1/10 GigE + More Stuff

I’m back (er, yet again) from another blogging hiatus, and figured I’d share with you a little news around what we’re doing in Windows Server 2008 with regards to Scalable Networking.  Here’s the news: our pals over at Intel recently launched a bunch of new Ethernet controllers that will “facilitate high traffic flow and optimize…


Only 232 More Shopping Days Until the 2008 Global Launch Wave!

Well, I’m back from my blogging hiatus post-TechEd, etc.  I only hope my loyal readers haven’t found more interesting things in the far reaches of the Internetterweb to fill the void I have left over the last few months. I know things like Live Earth and the video of Michael Moore taking CNN’s Wolf Blitzer…


Tech·Ed 2007 – Day 5: IPsecapalooza 2007 (recap)

Day 5 (which was yesterday) was rough one.  I’d been fighting a cold for most of my visit here in FLA, and it came back to haunt me during my last session Thursday afternoon. I did a spiel about how you can simplify your Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 based Server and Domain Isolation deployments with…


Tech·Ed 2007 – Day 4.5: Tolly Group White Paper Published!

So, I’ve talked a lot about this white paper that the Tolly Group published in my Networking Session on Tuesday.  Well, it is now up and ready for download from our TechNet Networking site! Here’s the direct link: Enhanced Network Performance with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Here’s a little excerpt to tantalize your…