Article Alert: Policy-Driven Network Access with Windows Server 2008

While it has been nearly three months since I moved from the role as product manager for Windows Server networking to the Exchange Server team, I still get the occasional opportunity to strut my old networking stuff.  One such example is a recent article I co-authored with Amith Krishnan (product manager for Network Access Protection)…


Now You Can Receive Me In Stereo!

As an FYI, I’m now also blogging on the recently launched Forefront Team Blog on another part of the TechNet blog-o-sphere-o-rama.  I posted one that’s very relevant to the networking and network security themes of this blog, and thought it would be worth a quasi-cost post plug here: Happy Birthday Windows Networking! Enjoy! – hama


Tech·Ed 2007 – Day 4.5: Tolly Group White Paper Published!

So, I’ve talked a lot about this white paper that the Tolly Group published in my Networking Session on Tuesday.  Well, it is now up and ready for download from our TechNet Networking site! Here’s the direct link: Enhanced Network Performance with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 Here’s a little excerpt to tantalize your…


Tech·Ed 2007 – Day 4: TLC Fun! (Recap)

Once more, I’m plagued by horrifically poor bandwidth on the hotel network.  After having dinner with Sean (aka Seanv6) at the Bahama Breeze, and dodging some hardcore downpours with lots of loud thunder and nearby lightening to boot, I returned to my humble temporary abode to check email, surf for interesting tidbits to kick-off my Thursday afternoon…


Tech·Ed 2007 – Day 3: My First Session (Recap)

Technically it is day 4 for me, but I had a little trouble posting yesterday evening since just about all the bandwidth in my hotel was consumed.  I ran the handy Speakeasy Speed Test a bunch of times and it was barely making it over 300 Kbps on the download side. Wow! It’s slightly ironic…


Windows Server 2008 Network Security Webcast

The next few days in the US is Memorial Day weekend, also known as the unofficial start to summer.  The means there will be plenty of barbeques, parties, and a Monday off.  Well, if you find yourself without something to done during this extended weekend, why not checkout this 90 minute TechNet webcast Amith Krishnan…


The 2007 Tour: From SecMan to WinHEC to Interop and on to TechEd

May. What a crazy month! What is it that they say?  “May comes in with a joint launch for Forefront and System Center, and goes out with a Windows Server 2008 demo for a BillG keynote at WinHEC in LA” Maybe I’m confusing the old adage about the month of March. Anyhow, here’s a quick…


Joint IPv6 White Paper Scales to 256-Bit Length Addresses

Okay, that was a little bit sensational, if not an outright fib.  What’s no joke is a newly published joint white paper Juniper Networks and Microsoft have co-developed to talk about deploying end-to-end IPv6 scenarios. Heck, we felt that whole end-to-end bit was such a good thing we named the white paper after it (which you…


Get Your NAP (Step-by-Step) On!

A great thing about reaching the B3 milestone for Windows Server “Longhorn” is all the new (and improved) documentation that we get to publish.  One such example is a set of new Network Access Protection (aka NAP) “step-by-step” guides to help you setup and test your favorite NAP scenario. For your perusal, we have four…


WinServer "Longhorn" B3: This time it’s "Ready, Set, (Download), and Evaluate!"

That’s right Windows Server “Longhorn” fans, Beta 3 is ready for your evaluation!  Simply visit, and you’re halfway there to trying out the first major public preview of our next generation of Windows Server. As our press release touts: “[With] Beta 3, customers will see new features and enhancements that include stronger security, better performance,…