Lights, Camera, Archiving!

With yesterday delivering a great deal of positive buzz around our Exchange 2010 SP1 unveiling, I figured I’d break with tradition and put up another post in less than 24 hours.  Wow, right? Here goes: As part of our public disclosure of SP1, my Exchange team pal Ann Vu and I recorded what was to…


What? A Blog Post? Tiered Storage?

What’s this world coming to, eh?  So, I took nearly a four month sabbatical to spend more time Tweeting, and to get mentally prepared for the Seattle Sounders FC’s 2010 MLS season. Lame excuses, I know (except for the Sounders reason). But, what’s really occupied my time, was getting ready to share details on the…


Curious about Exchange 2010 Retention Policies?

Defining and enforcing records management policies for e-mail can be a real pain in the <you know what> without having some kind of automated approach. Don’t just take my word for it, industry watcher Michael Osterman (of the eponymously named firm Osterman Research) pointed this out in his May 2009 “Messaging Archiving and Document Management…


Behind the Music: Exchange 2010 Demo at TechEd Europe 2009

Well, it’s been a week and change since we formally launched Exchange Server 2010 at this year’s edition of TechEd Europe. The highlight of this announcement (in this humble blogger’s opinion) was the Exchange 2010 demo delivered in Stephen Elop’s keynote address to over 5,500 #TEE09 attendees.  As a quick aside, that TechEd keynote hall…


Day 6 – Vienna!

Yup, I’m a few days behind on my daily Bus Tour postings.  The good news is: I survived the Tour, and it was truly amazing experience.   Before I share my thoughts and feelings about what life on “The Bus” was like, I still need to catch you up on days 6 and 7 of the…


Day 5 – München mag Dich!

Our Wednesday was spent in beautiful Munich, Germany and included getting some much needed post-bus ride rest before our event at the Campus. The drive to Munich was good fun, as we kicked back in the main lounge area of “The Bus”, including watching “In Bruges” – a DVD Bob brought along. Here’s my next…


Day 4 – If it’s Tuesday, it must be Frankfurt

Gutten Tag! Day 4 of the European adventure takes us to Frankfurt, Germany.  The journey has been a lot of fun, albeit tiring.  Once more here’s some video evidence of what’s been happening on the road: And, thanks to everyone who has watched the videos and provided the feedback about the volume levels! — hama


Day 2 – Boarding the Bus

After having a nice stroll around the city of Amsterdam on Saturday, and then a relaxing boat ride through the famous canals on Sunday, I boarded “The Bus” for the very first time! At approximately 830p on Sunday evening, eight members of “The Crew” (not the motley kind) left the Golden Tulip Hotel in Amsterdam…


Upcoming Analyst Webcast on Exchange 2010 Archiving

And now, a quick “commercial break” from my planned daily blathering about “Ian’s European Workation” (NOTE: The previous was a lame attempt to parody National Lampoon’s European Vacation): On Wednesday, November 4th, David Ferris of Ferris Research will be conducting a 30 minute webcast on our integrated archiving, retention, and discovery capabilities introduced in Exchange…


What? A Bus Tour Across Central Europe?

Hello world! I’m being serious. I’ve just resurfaced after spending nearly two weeks in a “executive keynote demo bunker”, building out a cool demo rig for a big upcoming event (wink, wink).  Man, I had a beard and everything, and mostly sustained myself with Starbucks coffee, good humor, and the thousand degree temperatures that come…