Want an “In” to “THE PARTY” at WPC11?

Let’s be honest.

WPC doesn’t end when the sun sets after a full day of keynotes, sessions and meetings.

Much like the action-packed agenda during the day, our evening schedules will be filled with receptions and parties to attend.  And, there is no shortage of shindigs to choose from.  Heck, you’ll feel more like a A-lister celebrity this year, thanks to the backdrop of the city of angels (not the city of the Angels, of which I keep being reminded are actually located in Anaheim, not Los Angeles).

Inarguably, one of the most popular evening events is “THE PARTY”. You know the one. That gig that requires the special wristband, and the one you're often off hunting for the prized VIP wristband.  Quick fast fact about “THE PARTY”: it’ll celebrate its 10th anniversary this year! 

This year’s “THE PARTY” is scheduled for July 13th at The Avalon, one of the Hollywood’s most historic landmarks, including being the very venue that hosted The Beatles first West Coast performance in 1964. Other famous acts and/or frequent visitors include: The Rolling Stones, Merv Griffin’s talk show, Jerry Lewis, The Beastie Boys, and (of course) Oingo Boingo (whose membership roll features Danny Elfman, most famous for penning “The Simpsons” theme song and just about every soundtrack in Tim Burton’s filmography).

It’s widely known that a ticket to “THE PARTY“ is hard to come by. With access to Microsoft executives and other partners, libations and live music, it is guaranteed to be the hottest (and most coveted) party ticket at WPC.

Fret not, our Exchange and Lync partners, for we have a way for you to bypass the frenzy of calling in favors and last minute scouting for a ticket.


Exchange and Lync are among the sponsors of this year’s event, which means we’ll have our hands on a bunch of “THE PARTY” invites. Woo-hoo!

And, we’ll be giving away passes to “THE PARTY”! Double Woo-hoo!!

That’s right!

“So, how can I be eligible for one of these coveted passes?” you may be asking yourself as you re-read the above sentences, and perhaps even belting out a few “Woo-hoo’s” in the process.

It’s easy: between now and Friday, June 24th, you just need to tell us what you’re most excited to learn about Exchange and/or Lync at this year’s WPC.

And, you need to be specific (in a 140 characters or less).

“Okay, I got that part down, but how do you want me to tell you all of this?”, you ask next.

Again, it’s easy!  And, you’ve got two choices:

  1. Tweet your “most excited to learn” tidbit with the #WPC11 and #ExchangePartner or #LyncPartner hastags, or
  2. Post to the WPC’s Facebook wall or post a status on your profile with the “@Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference” tag wall and include keywords Exchange or Lync

It’s important to include these Twitter hashtags or Facebook tag/keywords, so we can find you!

On Thursday, June 30th we will randomly select the lucky recipients from all of the partners who posted and they will receive an exclusive registration code for Exchange and Lync partners. We will contact you via Facebook and Twitter to provide you with the code you’ll need to skip the waitlist to attend “THE PARTY” of the year.

Good luck and I am personally excited to see what you’ll be excited about hearing from us at WPC11. Now, I think I’ll spin up some Elfman soundtracks from the Zune Marketplace as I watch Twitter and Facebook for your entries!

Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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