If It’s Friday, It’s Time to Meet Michael!

As I mentioned in my very first post earlier this week, I’d like to use this blog to give you a glimpse into the team that’s here on the Redmond campus passionately supporting your businesses as you seek out opportunities to resell, implement, support, and/or extend Exchange 2010 and Exchange Online. I thought the best way to do this, was to grab my Office 2010 launch gift (a pretty killer digital video camcorder) and shoot a short intro of each of the folks on my team.

First up: Michael van Dijken, who’s my lead for our system integrator (SI) and hosting partners and programs. Michael’s been at Microsoft for nearly 7 years and joined the Exchange Partner Marketing Team last summer.  In fact, his first official days on my team was at WPC2010 in Washington, D.C..  Talk about getting deep in a new role right out of the shoot!

One fun fact: the Exchange Product Management Group (and many of our sister teams) have a number of folks called Michael.  In fact, our hallway has several.  So, we’ve gotten to the point of simply giving every Michael a nickname to better distinguish each of them.  For Mr. van Dijken, he’s know best as “VanD” (or “Van D”, “Van-D”, and once “Vandy”…all of which reminds me of my days trying to get the correct spelling of IPsec across all of our MS content and collateral).

Without further ado, here’s Michael:

Happy Friday!
Group Product Manager
Exchange Partner Marketing

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