Lights, Camera, Archiving!

With yesterday delivering a great deal of positive buzz around our Exchange 2010 SP1 unveiling, I figured I’d break with tradition and put up another post in less than 24 hours. 

Wow, right?

Here goes:

As part of our public disclosure of SP1, my Exchange team pal Ann Vu and I recorded what was to be a short video highlighting the e-mail archiving, retention, and discovery capabilities from RTM and what’s planned for SP1.

In true Hollywood fashion, we had two versions of the video:

  • the original theatrical release, and
  • the director’s cut.

When we posted the video yesterday morning, what went out (originally) was the long director’s cut.  Well, I’m happy to say (and show) that the original theatrical release is now available:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

It’s the same great news, but a little shorter with a little more focus on the SP1 investments.

Luckily, the “deleted scenes” and blooper reel is being held captive by our video’s editor, in case he needs Ann or I to “help him out” with something down the line. Or, Bob’s working on a special edition Blu-ray release with director’s commentary, behind the scenes details, and more background info on the stars (yeah, right). 

It is worth noting that Ann is not only a star of TechNet Edge videos (like her "Geek Out with Perry” series), she’s also featured in a local Washington State credit union advertising campaign:


Neat, right?

In other news, I’ll be down at the Symantec Vision Conference next week in Las Vegas. I’ll be doing a joint presentation with one of our e-mail archiving partners to talk about the “better together” scenarios when you can use the built-in archiving and discovery features in Exchange with 3rd party tools (like Enterprise Vault).

If you’re going to Vegas, make sure to say “hi!” and see the session:

IM B09 - Exchange 2010 and Enterprise Vault:

  • Wednesday, April 14th @ 1030a in Room 313 & 316
  • Thursday, April 15th @ 1p in Room 112

-- hama

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