Day 6 – Vienna!

Yup, I’m a few days behind on my daily Bus Tour postings. 

The good news is: I survived the Tour, and it was truly amazing experience.  

Before I share my thoughts and feelings about what life on “The Bus” was like, I still need to catch you up on days 6 and 7 of the tour.

When we last met, I had left Munich for Vienna.  This was one of the first times, during my tenure on the Tour, that we slept the whole night on the Bus.  We departed Munich with enough time to make Vienna in the wee hours of the morning.  The Bus parked at a school, where we’d end up presenting later in the morning, and we slept through until morning.

After that, we briefly visited a nearby hotel to shower up and have some breakfast, before presenting our first gig of the day in Vienna.

Anyhow, here’s my “Day 6” video:

I’ll be splicing together my Day 7 video right after we finish up the keynote here at TechEd Europe.  Stay tuned for more details on that, and lift behind the big stage!

-- hama

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