Day 3 – Giggin’ in Amsterdam

Today, I officially kicked off my participation as a crew member of “The Bus Tour” (exciting, eh?)!

We started the day bidding farewell to contest winner Christopher, who was heading back to France ahead of TechEd.  And, then Ken, Stephen, and I headed over to Compu’Train-BvO to do our first presentations of the day (and my first of the Tour).  Following the training, the team at Compu’Train-BvO gave each us an awesome gift pack of treats from all around the Netherlands.  A very appreciated present!

What ensued was an action packed, multi-location day of “The Bus” gigs across the greater Amsterdam area, including Dell and Info Support.

Once more, I’ll leave the rest to my third video:

There was a moment of panic as I briefly lost my business card case (a nice present from me misses).  Luckily, it was just hidden beneath the presentation podium at Info Support

The road brings many, many adventures! 

I think I need to pick-up a copy of “On the Road”.  My copy of this favorite Kerouac book is sitting a few thousand miles away.

-- hama

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