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ExchangeSvr2010_h_rgb After spending more than year working on the Exchange product management team, I can finally start talking about all the cool stuff the Exchange team has been building over the last several years.  That’s right, today we took the wraps off, dispensed with all the secrecy, and publicly announced Exchange 2010 (Woo-hoo!):

Microsoft Unveils Exchange 2010 With Public Beta

As the title of the announcement spells out, we also released a downloadable beta of the on-premises server product.  And, to complete the “unveilment” hat trick, there are a series of new Exchange 2010 websites up and running across Microsoft’s various web properties.  You can best reach them all from

Another thing you may have noticed, is the new(ish) look and feel around the Exchange brand.  We call this the Dynamic Grid, and you should recognize it from the other Microsoft server products like SQL, System Center, and Forefront.  Not necessarily the coolest feature of Exchange 2010, but again something we can finally start using more widely as we talk to the release.

So, what’s so special about this release?  There’s a ton…no seriously, we’ve packed a lot of great new features and enhancements into Exchange 2010.  In fact, one of the biggest and newest elements introduced in this release is now my primary area of focus: Archiving and Retention.

There’ll be plenty more about this space, and the rest of the features that we’re bring to market.

For now, I’d rather share some links to a number of great review articles that have started to publish now that the curtain has been lifted. 

Fellow technical product manager and Outlook Live video star, Jim Lucey and I went on the road a few weeks back to brief these various technical reviewers, and I’m really pleased with the results:

One of my personal favorite lines comes from the Windows IT Pro piece:

“I had a conversation with Microsoft senior product managers, Jim Lucey and Ian Hameroff and asked them if it should be pronounced "Twenty-Ten" or "Two Thousand and Ten." In keeping with their mantra of flexibility and choice, they said it's up to you.”



But, that’s how Jim and I roll.

And, yes, flexibility and choice is more than just a marketing buzz phrase around this release.  I hope that by downloading the beta bits, reading up on the details on, and watching the great TechNet Edge videos (like this one on Voice Mail by Ankur Kothari) you’ll see that too.

Programming Note: Tonight, Ed Banti and I will be talking about Exchange 2010 at the “Vista Squad” user group meeting here in London.  If you happen to be in London, come check it out.


-- hama


PS: As mentioned previously, I’m over in the U.K. (now in London) for the week, and I think I just saw Ray Parker, Jr. doing a parody version of his (in)famous Theme from Ghostbusters, dressed as a double-decker bus conductor, in a 118 118 T.V. advert.  Oh, my.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a long post title to basically share a link to a recent video I recorded with Microsoft U.K.’s very

  2. Anonymous says:

    Read all about it on Ian Hameroff ’s blog!  World, Meet Exchange 2010 introduces the public beta.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Ian,

    I’ve just been reading your articles on Exchange 2010 – we have a product that automates the documentation of data centre products such as Exchange (and we’re working on an update to support Exchange 2010).

    So thanks for the posts – If you’d like to take a look at our product it’s called XIA Configuration 2010. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts.



  4. Gavin says:

    Hey Ian,

    Was great to meet you, Ed and the rest of your colleagues at Vista Squad last week. Hope you guys enjoyed it too.

    Any time you or your colleagues are in the area and want to present again – I’m sure we can accomodate 🙂

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