Article Alert: Policy-Driven Network Access with Windows Server 2008

While it has been nearly three months since I moved from the role as product manager for Windows Server networking to the Exchange Server team, I still get the occasional opportunity to strut my old networking stuff. 

One such example is a recent article I co-authored with Amith Krishnan (product manager for Network Access Protection) on creating a policy-driven network access solution using a bunch of the new features of Windows Server 2008.  The article -- entitled Policy-Driven Network Access with Windows Server 2008 -- appears in the March edition of Microsoft's TechNet Magazine.

Here's the article synopsis:

How do you allow network access to those who need it without sacrificing security? See how new technologies in Windows Server 2008, such as Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and Network Access Protection, let you implement a policy-based approach to help you achieve this goal.

Unfortunately, the online version of article doesn't offer you the opportunity to make comments on the article.  So, please feel free to post your thoughts or feedback to this blog posting.

Okay, back to Exchange for me.  I'm currently completely week 2 of 3 on the road doing focus groups around our future plans for Exchange Server.  Good stuff; albeit exhausting to be traveling across the US, Asia (currently in Tokyo) and then Europe. Yahoo!

-- hama

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  1. Anonymous says:

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