Can you believe that I have not tended to my blog for nearly 8 months?  Wait. Don’t answer that! Why? Well, it is pretty easy to tell that by noticing that my last post was in March. Moving on. As I mentioned back in…er..January, I’ve been over in the Exchange Product Management team for the…


Article Alert: Policy-Driven Network Access with Windows Server 2008

While it has been nearly three months since I moved from the role as product manager for Windows Server networking to the Exchange Server team, I still get the occasional opportunity to strut my old networking stuff.  One such example is a recent article I co-authored with Amith Krishnan (product manager for Network Access Protection)…


Happy New Job…er…Year!

What? Yes, the rumors* you heard are true. I’ve decided to usher in the year 2008, by leaving the group working on a major product named after this new year (i.e. Windows Server 2008) and join the Unified Communications team! Specifically, I am now a Senior (non-AARP member) Technical Product Manager focused on Exchange Server….