Help Free Your Buddy This Thanksgiving! (Cool Game)

Some US leaders may choose to pardon a turkey as their way of "giving thanks" ahead of the once yearly food feast known as Thanksgiving. Well, as mere citizens we may not be able to flex such presidential powers ourselves, but you can have some fun helping to Free Your Buddy before the turkey and stuffing is served! 

This is a pretty neat on-line game we've posted:


It's worth noting I just spent a good 20 minutes playing this excellent use of the workday right before the US Holiday of Thanksgiving!

-- hama

Comments (6)

  1. skadunk says:

    can you help me with the game. seems it stuck when i ask buddy to put the paper inside the fax machine. how do you do yours?

  2. Ben says:

    I said, ‘put the paper in the fax machine’. Worked for me.

    You have to get the paper from the cupboard first, using the key from the kettle.

  3. skadunk says:

    i already settle that problem by deleting my cache files. but now i’m having the same problem, but in different part. it seems i cannot ask him to enter the code

  4. bediepet says:

    you need to have the console working first to put in the code, try to find the fuse 🙂

  5. Heps says:

    How to turn the power on ?? (find fuse).

    I can only get to 4 / 7 of the game .. :/

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